Tinnitus Assessment: What to Expect

Purpose: Learn about YOUR tinnitus, how it affects your life, possible cause for the tinnitus and strategies for relief and management.


  • Otoscopy

    We use an otoscope to visualize your outer ear and ear canal and remove any wax, if necessary. You can see inside your own ear, too!

  • Audiometry

    What we like to call the “boring beeps”. It’s a standard measurement to identify the type (conductive, sensorineural, or mixed), shape, and degree of your hearing loss (normal, mild, moderate, severe, and profound or a mixture of several based on frequency). Don’t worry, we’ll pick a stimulus so you can separate our exam sounds from your tinnitus.

  • Speech evaluation

    A variety of speech measurements to assess your speech understanding abilities in quiet and in noise at various volumes.

  • Immittance Evaluation

    Depending on your history and various exam scores, it may be necessary to measure your eardrum movement and acoustic reflex pathways.

  • Tinnitus Measurement

    Depending on your needs, a full tinnitus measurement may be performed. We will measure the pitch and volume of your subjective tinnitus and determine your brain’s reaction to certain stimuli.

  • Education

    Based on your test results and your tinnitus perception, we will discuss options that are appropriate for you. Counseling for tinnitus can vary significantly based on each individual’s needs. You are as much a part of this decision as we are.

  • Initial Treatment Plan

    We will learn more about your lifestyle, desires, and preferences and make recommendations to get you back to living your best life. Tinnitus is typically a chronic condition but it CAN be managed through a variety of techniques. We will teach you about your options- there is hope! We may try some options while you’re in the office. We will also make any appropriate referrals to other healthcare partners, if necessary.

    Some Treatment Options

    There are varied treatment and management options depending on your perception of tinnitus and how it effects you. If an individual has hearing loss, the most appropriate plan is to treat the hearing loss first. 80-90% of the time, this is a very successful tinnitus reduction strategy.

    For those with normal hearing or those not ready to treat their hearing loss, other options will be discussed.

    One option includes:
    We are the exclusive local provider for the Levo System by Otoharmonics. This is a nighttime based therapy approach to tinnitus treatment. We can determine if you are a candidate for this treatment approach during your appointment.

    Evaluation Price

    The discounted private pay price for your full diagnostic tinnitus assessment as laid out above is $195.

    Insurance Contribution- Some insurances will cover portions of the tinnitus assessment. If you provide us with your insurance information prior to your appointment, we can learn more about your financial responsibility. Medicare requires a physician referral.

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