Repairs and Reprogramming

At Elevate Audiology, we will take care of you even if you did not originally purchase your current hearing aids from us!

We are here to help. 


We understand how much you rely on your hearing aids each day. For this reason, we will do our best to service as many issues in the office as we can.

If it needs to go back to the factory for repair and it is under warranty, there are no additional fees if you have a service plan with us. If not, we will let you know your costs upfront. 

Is the hearing aid out of manufacturer warranty? We can provide you a quote for repair charges and corresponding professional services required to getting it back in tip top shape. Depending on the age, we will even let you know if a repair is the best decision for your device. 

See Our Pricing page for more details.



Are you new to the area and need a new audiologist? We are happy to become your provider. We can maintain your hearing aids to protect your investment and communication abilities.

Periodic adjustments to your hearing aid settings, regular cleanings, and ongoing counseling are critical to your continued satisfaction and quality of life.

If you are not as successful as you had hoped with your devices, we are happy to take a second look to see if any changes can improve your experience. You may need an adjustment or even a custom earmold to allow proper access to sound. If you have never had the proper measurements, it is important we complete them while you are wearing your devices to get the best hearing possible. We will also discuss your test results to ensure we are setting realistic expectations. 

Programming services are available for nearly all hearing aids that are “unlocked”.


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