Hearing Protection

Protect Your Hearing: Noise-induced hearing loss is preventable but occurs so often due to lack of education. Once damage to the inner ear begins, the structures are vulnerable and further damage is easier. There are many types of custom and non-custom options for recreational and occupational uses. If you are around loud sounds often, consider investing in a pair of comfortable, custom earplugs (they can be boring or even sparkly!).

Hearing damage.

Hearing damage occurs as a function of loudness and exposure time. The following chart shows the recommended permissible exposure time for continuous noise without using ear protection.

Continuous dBPermissible Exposure Time:

85 dB 8 hours
88dB 4 hours
91dB 2 hours
94dB 1 hour
97dB 30 minutes
100dB 15 minutes
103dB 7.5 minutes
106dB 3.75 minutes
109dB 1.875 minutes
112dB .9375 minutes
115dB .46875 minutes

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