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Protect Your Hearing: Noise-induced hearing loss is preventable but occurs so often due to lack of education. Once damage to the inner ear begins, the structures are vulnerable and further damage is easier. There are many types of custom and non-custom options for recreational and occupational uses. If you are around loud sounds often, consider investing in a pair of comfortable, custom earplugs (they can be boring or even sparkly!).

Your plugs will be made for your specific use. They can improve the overall sound quality of what you are listening to, as well.

We offer custom products including:
Musician Hearing Protection
Music Listening Earbuds
In-Ear Monitor Impressions and molds
Sleep Plugs
Swim Plugs
Shooter Plugs
Noise Protection
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In-Ear Monitors

15 minutes in the office and take them with you to send off to your favorite IEM company…

… or we can build molds for your current pair of IEMs.

Increases comfort, sound quality, and wearability.


Noise Plugs

• Custom Fit to your ear
• Comfortable
• Long-Lasting
• High NRR rating
• Acrylic or Silicone
• Easy to clean
• High NRR

DefendEAR Shooter

• For Shooters
• Digital Compression with shot
• NRR of 30
• Universal Fit
• Wind Noise Reduction

DefendEAR Digital

• Custom Fit
• Comfortable
• Digital Compression with shot
• NRR of 26
• Wind Noise Reduction
• Volume Control

Law Enforcement Molds

• Custom Fit to your ear
• Comfortable
• Long-Lasting
• Warms with Body Heat
• Connects to coil and radio
• Private listening from radio

Speciality Plugs

• Custom Fit to your ear
• Comfortable
• Sleep Plugs (snoring, etc.)
• Swim Plugs (swimmer’s ear)
• Music Listening
• Musician (high-fidelity)
• Plane Plugs (pressure equalizer)
• and many more

Hearing damage.

Hearing damage occurs as a function of loudness and exposure time. The following chart shows the recommended permissible exposure time for continuous noise without using ear protection.

Continuous dB Permissible Exposure Time:

85 dB 8 hours
88 dB 4 hours
91 dB 2 hours
94 dB 1 hour
97 dB 30 minutes
100 dB 15 minutes
103 dB 7.5 minutes
106 dB 3.75 minutes
109 dB 1.875 minutes
112 dB .9375 minutes
115 dB .46875 minutes

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