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Hearing aids alone can be fantastic…

…but for some, hearing aids alone do not accomplish all of their goals. For this reason, accessories are available which work with the hearing aids for specific uses such as TV, landline and cell phone, distance listening, larger groups, etc.

We will help you identify any additional needs during your Communication Needs Assessment and throughout your journey to better hearing.

    If TV is a large part of your life, you may benefit from a direct TV listening experience. This removes distance from the hearing equation. TV streamers exist that plug directly into your TV and send the signal either directly to your hearing aids or through a streamer accessory that you wear around your neck depending on the make and model.

    For some individuals and for some situations, speech in the presence of background noise continues to be problematic even with hearing aids. Nothing can overcome noise better than a direct signal from the person talking to the person listening. A remote microphone is worn by a patient’s spouse or other communication partner and their voice is wirelessly sent to either the hearing aids or a streaming device worn by the patient. The input reaches over 30 feet helping to improve communication in a restaurant, car, speaking engagement, cooking in the kitchen, etc.

    Streamers connect to a cell phone via bluetooth. This allows for phone calls and music to stream directly to the patient’s hearing aids. Some streamers also act as remote controls and connect to the TV programs. Some hearing aid models do not need a streamer and can connect to the hearing aids directly.

    Made for smartphone hearing aids have apps that act as remote controls. For individuals that want a more simpler solution, a remote control can be used to change volume or programs, as needed.

    For individuals that lead active lifestyles and sweat while wearing their hearing aids or work in environments with excessive moisture, a dryer is recommended. Simple dryers with desiccant beads are available but require replacement and reactivation of the beads. Electric dryers are now available that do not require replacement parts. They not only remove moisture from the hearing aids but have a light that kills bacteria. This helps protect and maintain your hearing aids.

    To help protect from moisture or loss, sleeve-type items are available. They are placed on your hearing aids while working around dirt or moisture of when you are concerned about loss (i.e. boating). They come in a variety of colors and sizes and protect your investment.

    It is important to clean your hearing aids everyday to prevent build-up of debris and earwax. We will teach you how to clean your devices and provide you with an initial supply of cleaning items. 

    These phones are FREE to anyone in the US that has hearing loss. Once you are diagnosed, we can complete a form certifying that a patient has hearing loss and complete a referral to get a free captioned phone. You hear the phone call at the same time you see the words on the screen. There are different styles and options depending on your home phone situation and internet capability. 

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